Personal Post- beware you will want to want to take a vacation!

Ahhhhhh- relax grab, your favorite drink, sit back and daydream about being on a white sand beach with the sound of the sea and the warm breeze blowing.

I miss Hawaii so much. I told my hubby that if I hear ONE MORE T.V show that mentions Hawaii I am booking ONE WAY tickets and not returning. Sorry folks- you will just have to come to Kauai, HI for your photo shoots. Does that sound like a good plan? Thought so!

So yes, this is a personal post about our vacation. This was part vacation/ honeymoon/ 8 year anniversary trip. We never had a honeymoon and have been talking about going to Hawaii for years we got the chance this past summer with renting a condo right on the beach. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity and we WILL be going back (and may not return next time).

We took a photo tour, which I highly recommend. Some of the places we never would’ve found on our own. We did a helicopter tour- OMG BREATHTAKING!!!! We finished off our tours with an ATV- funtastically fun!! I do not have all the photos since my SIL used her camera for some of the sights we took in but you can take a peek at what I got. READY?!?!?!


3 year old in DA’ HOUSE


I really truly try to be funny, but kids look at my like I have lost my marbles.

This young stud is the big brother of a little dude you saw a couple months ago. He has seriously got the BIGGEST eyes that I have ever seen. We had to work to get him to smile- um I ended up paying my son $$$ to work. LOL Can I get into trouble for that? Child Labor laws for making another child smile?!?!? Hmmmm.

Sweet Peanut {L}


I am in just awe and absolutely in love with all of the babies that I have met over the last year. This sweet little baby was her second session with me. Mommy and Daddy started out with a maternity session from a referral- WTG MIKE!!! 😉

Baby arrived on her due date- mommy was wanting her to come earlier! HAHAHAHA

Isn’t she absolutely adorable?!?!?!

I can’t wait to see this little sweetheart grow!! ❤ welcome to your own little piece of the world.

She’s Here, She’s Here!!! Beautiful Baby {M}


Yep- I can shout it from the roof tops- SHE’S HERE!!!!!!!!!

See this little one had been a much anticipated little bean by all the family. Cousins, Grandparents, Uncles and AUNTS. I have known this little beans auntie since we were in 5th grade, which means I have known her daddy for that long too. YIKES- We will NOT say how long ago that was. I get goose bumps just thinking about how long we’ve been out of high school.

I first met her GORGEOUS mommy two years ago when the family got together for a massive shoot in the fall.

Said Auntie that I went to school with contacted me and wanted to do a Gift Certificate for a baby shower gift. She wanted something that she could give that would last forever.

On the day of their scheduled shoot auntie called me to say that mommy wasn’t feeling well and had to go to the hospital. I started crying for the safety of mom and we came up with a plan to get the little princess her photos. After planning and making sure that mommy was okay (she still wanted to come to the studio- I would have told you to go home mommy!) we got our shoot on. Aunties were there to help mommy and daddy and um photographer pose the little bean. It turned out to be a blessing for this family. Take a peek at part one of their session…

Because mommy wasn’t feeling well the day we did this shoot we planned the rest of the Madonna and family portraits when I returned from vacation. Just look at these stunning images that we got. Notice how big little {M} has gotten in just three weeks! They grow so quickly. I can not wait to see this little peanut grow over the next year. Even though she did pee on me twice. 😉 I love her already!!!

Self portraits- OH MY GOSH!!!


I am currently in the process of having my website remade by an awesome designer- yep be on the lookout for an updated site.

This said designer has asked me for a BIO, photos to put on my site for my portfolio, logo and…. a SELF PORTRAIT! I have to admit I was FREAKING OUT when I read THAT email. There is a reason I am behind the camera and have always been. I do not like my teeth. I had braces in 3rd grade but only on the top and with my teeth being crooked on the bottom they have pushed my two front teeth out and made them uneven. Makes me very self conscious.

So, with the pity party over I asked my husband if he would take my photos if I set up all the settings and let him use the tri-pod. He was like “well it’s only going to be two photos, so yeah whatever.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I was laughing hysterically at this comment. After I picked myself up off the floor and changed my panties we got started.

We started outside and had to compete with mother nature and her breathing. She seems to breathe very heavy whenever I want to take photos outdoors. So the hair was everywhere. We moved indoors when the hubby said “I think we got enough….” HAHAHAHAHA- another undies change moment. He’s HILARIOUS I tell you.

We finished indoors and then it was off to the magic room to make me look 15lbs lighter and 10 years younger- WHAT?!?!?! You can do THAT?!?!? Um no- but I so wish that I could! He of course is complete OPPOSITE of me and what I like. Opposites attract, right? I narrowed it down to TWO photos out of 89! Yes, I am very hard on my own photos. I put it to a vote on my Facebook page and this is the photo that truly is a reflection of my personality. Thanks friends. Yes, my hair is that long, I am growing it out so I can donate it to Locks of Love

This was the hubby’s choice…

Photos of my own…


Ever wonder what it takes for photographers to take photos of their own children? BRIBES—- that’s what it takes. Promises of cookies, DQ, fruit snacks, gum, wait here’s the big one a trip to GREAT GRANDMA’S farm! That is the ONLY way I can get my kids to sit for photos.

My oldest REFUSES with every FIBER in his body to wear jeans so coordinating outfits is OUT OF THE QUESTION. If you give him a pair of dress or comfy pant he’s all in. He doesn’t like the ‘feel’ of jeans. They’re too “hard”.

The little guy… downright refuses to sit down long enough for me to actually focus the camera. He will sit or stand in the position that I want him in say that nasty “cheese” word and RUN with all his might away from me. Yes, I said the nasty “cheese” word. If you have done a photo shoot with me and kiddos you know that I have the kids say their vowels. Ready… “A, I, O, U…..E.”

This is what I got with my youngest on his photo shoot day. Laugh all you want, I’m ready for coffee now.

Beautiful Baby {S}

This beautiful family was featured once before with their maternity session.

Now they are being featured with their beautiful baby girl {S}. The whole family including extended family from Venezuela was here for the shoot. It was so nice to see the grandparents here and to see what a grandmothers touch can do for a fussy little one. Absolutely beautiful. Grandma’s always have a magic touch.

Some of you are probably wondering what happened to mama’s long hair… well, she donated it to LOCKS OF LOVE.

If you have never heard of Locks of Love check them out. I am currently growing out my hair as well to donate- going on two years of growing and just about there.

Going to get a little misty eyed

Pretty sure that’s what is going to happen after this post! See this family came to me on a referral almost a year ago already when mama was pregnant with the wee one that will be featured shortly. It was HOT. out and mama was ready to POP! LOL!!! We even got her “turkey timer” to pop out. Plus her older two children are stunning and will both break hearts when they get older. I was picturing the little bean and wondering what she was going to look like. Blonde hair and piercing blue eyes like her older sister or brown hair and brown eyes like her brother?

The day arrived when little {T} came to greet us with her presence she is just as stunning as her older siblings!

I love taking photos of the whole family too- you get to see how much they change in such a short time frame as well. Now we get to baby {T}’s latest shoot. Her six month session. Sniff sniff. They grow to quickly. Soon she will be here for her One Year session.Oh, remember when I said I wondered what this little one would look like… She got brown hair and those stunning blue eyes! Yes— daddy better lock these girls in their room until they are 30!

“My Daddy is a Marine”

Did you know that Michelle Towne Photography offers an everyday special for those members of the military both active and retired? Want to know more, contact me for details.

With that little selling tip in there, we are on to this beautiful family. Mom is a BALLERINA (being 100% honest and she looks like S.J.P), in other words DOWN. RIGHT. GORGEOUS! Dad is a Marine and is going to school too. Seriously, they have too much time on their hands. J/K!!!! All of my love to you kiddos. I can’t wait to see little {F} grow!!!