Ever wonder what it takes for photographers to take photos of their own children? BRIBES—- that’s what it takes. Promises of cookies, DQ, fruit snacks, gum, wait here’s the big one a trip to GREAT GRANDMA’S farm! That is the ONLY way I can get my kids to sit for photos.

My oldest REFUSES with every FIBER in his body to wear jeans so coordinating outfits is OUT OF THE QUESTION. If you give him a pair of dress or comfy pant he’s all in. He doesn’t like the ‘feel’ of jeans. They’re too “hard”.

The little guy… downright refuses to sit down long enough for me to actually focus the camera. He will sit or stand in the position that I want him in say that nasty “cheese” word and RUN with all his might away from me. Yes, I said the nasty “cheese” word. If you have done a photo shoot with me and kiddos you know that I have the kids say their vowels. Ready… “A, I, O, U…..E.”

This is what I got with my youngest on his photo shoot day. Laugh all you want, I’m ready for coffee now.