I am currently in the process of having my website remade by an awesome designer- yep be on the lookout for an updated site.

This said designer has asked me for a BIO, photos to put on my site for my portfolio, logo and…. a SELF PORTRAIT! I have to admit I was FREAKING OUT when I read THAT email. There is a reason I am behind the camera and have always been. I do not like my teeth. I had braces in 3rd grade but only on the top and with my teeth being crooked on the bottom they have pushed my two front teeth out and made them uneven. Makes me very self conscious.

So, with the pity party over I asked my husband if he would take my photos if I set up all the settings and let him use the tri-pod. He was like “well it’s only going to be two photos, so yeah whatever.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I was laughing hysterically at this comment. After I picked myself up off the floor and changed my panties we got started.

We started outside and had to compete with mother nature and her breathing. She seems to breathe very heavy whenever I want to take photos outdoors. So the hair was everywhere. We moved indoors when the hubby said “I think we got enough….” HAHAHAHAHA- another undies change moment. He’s HILARIOUS I tell you.

We finished indoors and then it was off to the magic room to make me look 15lbs lighter and 10 years younger- WHAT?!?!?! You can do THAT?!?!? Um no- but I so wish that I could! He of course is complete OPPOSITE of me and what I like. Opposites attract, right? I narrowed it down to TWO photos out of 89! Yes, I am very hard on my own photos. I put it to a vote on my Facebook page and this is the photo that truly is a reflection of my personality. Thanks friends. Yes, my hair is that long, I am growing it out so I can donate it to Locks of Love

This was the hubby’s choice…