Pretty sure that’s what is going to happen after this post! See this family came to me on a referral almost a year ago already when mama was pregnant with the wee one that will be featured shortly. It was HOT. out and mama was ready to POP! LOL!!! We even got her “turkey timer” to pop out. Plus her older two children are stunning and will both break hearts when they get older. I was picturing the little bean and wondering what she was going to look like. Blonde hair and piercing blue eyes like her older sister or brown hair and brown eyes like her brother?

The day arrived when little {T} came to greet us with her presence she is just as stunning as her older siblings!

I love taking photos of the whole family too- you get to see how much they change in such a short time frame as well. Now we get to baby {T}’s latest shoot. Her six month session. Sniff sniff. They grow to quickly. Soon she will be here for her One Year session.Oh, remember when I said I wondered what this little one would look like… She got brown hair and those stunning blue eyes! Yes— daddy better lock these girls in their room until they are 30!