Ahhhhhh- relax grab, your favorite drink, sit back and daydream about being on a white sand beach with the sound of the sea and the warm breeze blowing.

I miss Hawaii so much. I told my hubby that if I hear ONE MORE T.V show that mentions Hawaii I am booking ONE WAY tickets and not returning. Sorry folks- you will just have to come to Kauai, HI for your photo shoots. Does that sound like a good plan? Thought so!

So yes, this is a personal post about our vacation. This was part vacation/ honeymoon/ 8 year anniversary trip. We never had a honeymoon and have been talking about going to Hawaii for years we got the chance this past summer with renting a condo right on the beach. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity and we WILL be going back (and may not return next time).

We took a photo tour, which I highly recommend. Some of the places we never would’ve found on our own. We did a helicopter tour- OMG BREATHTAKING!!!! We finished off our tours with an ATV- funtastically fun!! I do not have all the photos since my SIL used her camera for some of the sights we took in but you can take a peek at what I got. READY?!?!?!