When I was pregnant with my first child I wanted a boy. You know one of those cute little guys who somehow always manage to get those long eyelashes that girls would kill for? Well I got what I asked God for; a little boy with dark hair, blue eyes and long eyelashes (so I could tease him relentlessly when he is older that I would cut off his lashes and put them on my eyes. Would that be child abuse?) was delivered to me 6.5 years ago. I have to add the .5 cause you know how IMPORTANT it is to have that 1/2 in there! The only thing that he didn’t get that my husband wanted- a dimple. Awe well, I’m the only one with that. If he would’ve gotten a dimple (other than on his little bottom) he would NEVER be allowed to leave the house.

See last year he was in kindergarten, he came home one day to announce that he had a crush on ______A____ and _______H______  & ____C______ had a crush on him. We proceeded to ask him HOW he knew that _______H______ & ______C______ had a crush on him and he replied “MOM! They told me, ugggg”. With the biggest eye roll that the eyelashes created their own wave.

You are my beautiful boy. SOMEDAY SOMEDAY I’ll get those eyelashes, even if I have to have fake ones installed! 😉

❤ you my little man,

❤ me.