Every week my neighbors kiddos will be coming over to play with my kiddos while their mom is at work. When I approached their mom about them coming over I said “watching 4 kids is easier than 2” anyone who has daycare or has done daycare with children other than their own, knows what I am talking about. Your children aren’t pestering you every three seconds or screaming at each other which allows you to ACTUALLY get things around the house done. OH MY GOODNESS who would’ve ever thunk that having 3 children (my oldest is at the cabin) in the same house would on a dreary rainy day would be a blessing?  ME ME ME!!!

With the extra two kiddos here, I am able to accomplish just about anything. A photoshoot, editing, load of laundry, 2 loads of dishes, and lunch with a game of UNO mixed in- Okay I am just about done bragging. 😉 I am going to miss the kiddos next week when they’re gone!

Here is the shoot that I did today of this lovely young lady. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE her freckles!!

Thanks for coming to play today Ms. A!

❤ me!